Bad Credit Remortgages – Frequent Finance

Remortgage with bad credit

Is it possible for me to refinance if I have a poor credit history?

The truthful answer is, with many lenders (especially the ones on the high-street), no.  However, Frequent Finance have long standing relationships with lenders who understand that many people with impaired credit can be very credit worthy, especially for their own home.  Many of these lenders are available only through specialist brokers like us.

Having your own bank refuse your remortgage application often has the effect of making people believe they have terrible credit.  But more often than not this turns out to simply not be the case!

We offer

  • Impartial and unbiased advice
  • Whole of market panels of lenders
  • Deals from UK and overseas lenders most brokers don’t know exist!
  • Fixed, variable, discounted and tracker rates
  • Interest only and repayment remortgages
  • Flexible proofs of income including some state benefits
  • Your Mortgage Requirements

  • About You

Reducing your monthly payments:

  • Getting a more flexible mortgage with holidays and over-payments
  • Finance away from an expensive mortgage lender or high rate secured loan
  • Your credit score has improved to enable you to qualify with a more cost effective lender
  • Fixed rate has run out and you require the security of another fixed rate
  • Your discounted term has ended and your on a high lenders standard variable rate

Maybe you want to raise money for:

  • Private health treatment
  • Lawyers bills
  • Funding new business
  • Debt Consolidation – pay off expensive credit
  • Home improvements or critical repairs
  • Private school fees so you dont have to move house
  • Capital for son or daughters home purchase
  • Buying another property in the UK or overseas
  • Car, motor-home, yacht or motorcycle

Other common reasons for remortgage:

  • Refinance an investment property away from a buy to let mortgage so you can live in it your self.
  • Your husband/wife name on the existing mortage and property title  is facing some form of bankruptcy or insolvency and you need to buy them out
  • Divorce or separation – a court has told you to pay your ex partner to pay money and remove them from the mortgage and title of the property
  • Marriage or civil partnership – your new partner wants to be included on the mortgage and property title