HMO Mortgages from Frequent Finance

Frequent Finance has extensive relationships with specialist HMO lenders.  While an experienced HMO investor will probably know the names of the common HMO friendly lenders, there have been some new lenders appear in October 2107 that not everyone knows about, especially for investors looking for slightly higher loan to value ratios.  We also have extensive experience with lenders that own properties in UK Limited Companies.

In addition to these lenders we have standard Buy to Let mortgages who allow certain types of Multiple Occupancy properties.

Other terms can include:

  • Fixed and discounted rates
  • Tolerance of some adverse credit
  • Some of the fastest completions around
  • Flexible approach to difficult property types
  • Up-to 80% loan to value
  • Further advance of funds after improvements/renovations
  • Initial rates as low as 1.6%
  • Arrangement fees as low as £199

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