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5.12% MER More to Life Equity Release Schemes – new rates from August 2024

More to Life Equity Release
  • Release cash from your house with More to Life Equity Release
  • You don’t need to make regular monthly payments unless you want to
  • RIO retirement interest-only mortgages are available
  • Free valuation
  • 5.12% Fixed for life
  • No early repayment charges
  • Help your family with the cash you release
  • Continue to stay in your house
  • Your Requirements

  • About You

Personal Testimonials

specialist equity release adviser

William from Birmingham

My son knew a guy who owned six pubs. Because of successive lockdowns due to covid 19 coronavirus, he had to do a quick sale on his holiday home in Cornwall.

My equity release money bought his flat at 35% under market value. Not only does my family have the shared use of a holiday home, but the rental income is also much more than the interest on the equity release.

retirement interest-only mortgages

Mr Howarth from Leeds

I am healthy and have a good income from my pensions for later life. I decided to release money from my unencumbered home with a retirement interest-only mortgage (RIO mortgage), so I could get a new kitchen and bathroom and give money to my children so they could move house and buy bigger homes.

I did not have any problems with a minimum or maximum age requirement or affordability.

The interest rate was very low like a prime conventional mortgage from a bank or building society. The monthly payment was tiny compared with the rest of my outgoings. The whole process was authorised and regulated by the finance conduct authority.

independent legal advice

Mrs Yardly from Sheffield

I had an old, tired car and a very unreliable central heating system. Repair bills continually mounted up, meaning I had less money to spend on holidays and other lovely things.

A friend said I should consider equity release, but I was put off by the horror stories of the roll-up/compounded interest destroying people’s homes.

When I did my homework, I found in 2024, equity release interest rates were meagre, and the negative press was around people who had been ripped off with high rates in the past. Even if my house price only increased slightly, the roll-up interest would be covered.

The equity release enabled me to get a nice 3-year-old car and a new boiler, so I was not wasting money all the time on repairs!

two equity release options

Mrs Heart from Aberdeen

I was struggling to pay my mortgage and had no money left for emergencies at the end of the month, let alone saving for a holiday.

I had investigated home reversion plans, but they did not appear to be the right solution. Equity Release for older borrowers with no monthly repayments was precisely what I wanted, and the interest rate was very low.

I was able to pay off my mortgage. I live in an area where house prices are going up nicely, so keeping 100% ownership of my home is wise. I am confident that my house price appreciation will be much bigger than my roll-up interest.

lifetime mortgages one off lump sum

Mr Shaw from Bradford

I thought I would have to sell my home to repay my mortgage, as the bank wanted their money back. With the money left, I could only afford a flat, and I would have been further away from my daughter and her children. Downsizing was a bad idea for me.

My lifetime mortgage was ideal for me as I had no monthly repayments, and I paid off my old mortgage.

I saved the cost of moving to a new flat, which I would have paid to move to a place I did not want. The no negative equity guarantee and equity release council assurances were significant to me. I am better off each month and have some tax-free cash ready if repairs to the house are necessary.

drawdown lifetime mortgage to raise cash to pay outstanding loan
retired pensioner remortgage to pay outstanding mortgage
Mortgages for retired pensioners financial advisers
  • Your Requirements

  • About You

It’s very common to find individuals seeking out monthly payment lifetime mortgage, monthly payment lifetime mortgage or monthly payment lifetime mortgage; however, Key Retirement like Maximum cover Equity Release are keen to see evidence of your situation in the form of pension statements.

How much is it expected to release from a home with more to life equity release plans

The more elderly you are and the unhealthier you are, the more tax-free cash you can release

UK Equity Release Scheme Providers

  • the Telegraph early repayment charges and other lending criteria
  • Legal and General the best equity release lender

Loans For Over 60s Equity Release mortgages with no valuation fee
Find out how much equity you can release with Metrobank Equity Release
Pensioner Mortgages

Equity Release Yorkshire Building Society YBS form of equity release form of existing customers

Metrobank Lifetime Mortgage equity release lifetime mortgage with a fixed early repayment charges
Which? Equity Release Scheme equity release products
Yorkshire Bank Equity Release Scheme qualified equity release adviser
YB-Yorkshire Bank Lifetime Mortgage to release tax-free cash
Which? Money Lifetime Mortgage for one lump sum
Legal & General Lifetime Mortgage a low-cost equity release provider

How much is it expected to release from home, and how much does equity release cost?

  • 60% monthly payment equity release Old Mutual Wealth
  • 25% LTV monthly payment lifetime mortgage plans Central Trust
  • 40% loan to value monthly payment equity release West One
  • More to Life Equity Release

The 1st and 2nd charge lender will want to know if the property is a Freehold terraced house or a Leasehold flat with a share of freehold and if the occupier is a Private Tenant.

Do More to Life Do Equity Release?

Yes, More to Life Equity Release is 1.91% APR.

retirement interest only mortgages

UK Providers for Equity Release

It is usual to discover people looking for lump sum lifetime mortgages, a monthly payment lifetime mortgage or monthly payment equity release; however, More to Life Equity Release from L&G, like Zurich, are eager to see paperwork to show your circumstances in the form of investment statements.

  • L&G Legal & General Flexible Plus Lifetime Mortgage
  • Pure Retirement Classic Voluntary Payment Super Lite
  • Hodge Lifetime Mortgage Flexible Drawdown Plan
  • More to Life Capital Choice Plus Plan
  • Stonehaven Lifetime Mortgage
  • More to Life Equity Release
  • Nationwide Equity Release Plans
  • HSBC Equity Release Schemes
  • Royal Bank of Scotland Equity Release Schemes

Does More To Life do a retirement remortgage for retired homeowners over 60?

Yes, More To Life retirement remortgages for the over 60s are 3.64% APRC fixed for life.

Does More To Life do a pensioner remortgage for retired homeowners over 60?

Yes, More To Life pensioner remortgages for over 60s are 3.95% APRC variable.

Does More To Life offer later life remortgages for over 60s?

Yes, a More To Life later life remortgage over 60 is 3.91% APRC variable.

Does More To Life offer the best remortgage for retired homeowners over 60?

Yes, More To Life, the best remortgages for over 60s are 3.26% MER fixed for life.

  • Saga Lifetime Mortgage with no arrangement fee
  • Hodge Lifetime Flexible Drawdown Plan
  • HSBC Equity Release retirement finances
  • Saga home reversion plan offer equity release
  • Equity Release Schemes VS a standard mortgage
  • Just retirement equity release key features
  • Liverpool Victoria LV Equity Release Schemes
  • Pure Retirement Equity Release
  • Barclays Equity Release Plans compared with a more2life offer
RIO equity release call

Do More to Life do Pensioner Mortgages?

Yes, More to Life Pensioner Mortgages is 2.17% APRC.

Disadvantages of More to Life Equity Release

A monthly payment lifetime mortgage can reduce the inheritance for your family. More to Life Equity Release schemes may impact the ability to claim entitlements. You may need to pay an advisor’s fee, and you could have higher rates to pay with some plans.

Does More To Life offer remortgaging options for the over 60s?

Yes, a More To Life remortgaging option for retired homeowners over 60 is 3.34% MER fixed.

Does More To Life offer mortgage calculators for the over 60s?

Yes, a More To Life mortgage calculator for people over 60 will show 3.08% APRC fixed for life.

Does More To Life do a RIO mortgage for homeowners over 60?

Yes, More To Life RIO mortgages for the over 60s are 3.99% APRC fixed.

Does More To Life offer retirement interest only mortgages for the over 60s?

Yes, a More To Life retirement interest only mortgage for homeowners over 60 is 4.22% APR variable.

Does More to Life offer Retirement Mortgages?

Yes, More to Life Retirement Mortgages are 1.86% APRC.

mortgages for pensioners over 70

Do More to Life Do Equity Release Under 55?

Yes, More to Life Equity Release Under 55 is 1.83% MER.

Uses of More to Life Equity Release Schemes

It could be used to optimise tax planning, and interest rates on the money can be appealing. Help a member of your family buy their home that they couldn’t afford otherwise, or pay down your personal debts so you can spend more of your monthly income.

Does More to Life offer Lifetime Mortgages?

Yes, More to Life does lifetime mortgages at 1.84% APR. More to Life Lifetime Mortgages can have an LTV of 70% – Updated For August 2024. with advice fees

How does more to life equity release work?

You sign away your home to a lender, you get some money and the money you borrow plus compound interest is recovered when your house is sold when you die or move into long-term care.

You may need financial advice as a home reversion plan could affect your entitlement means-tested benefits

More to Life Equity Release and the Best Equity Release Deals

Understanding More2Life Equity Release and equity release interest rates 2024 UK

More2Life equity release products are designed to provide financial flexibility for homeowners looking to access the value of their property. These products cater to various needs and lifestyle choices, offering solutions that include lump sum lifetime mortgage, drawdown facility, and more.

Types of Lifetime Mortgages and the best equity release schemes UK

More2Life offers a range of lifetime mortgage products, each tailored to different financial goals and individual circumstances.

  • Prime Lifetime Mortgage: Ideal for those seeking competitive interest rates and flexible features.
  • Flexi Lifetime Mortgage: Offers a drawdown facility and voluntary repayments to suit changing financial needs.
  • Capital Lifetime Mortgage: Provides access to a lump sum or drawdown options depending on the homeowner’s preferences.
  • Lump Sum Plans: Designed for those who prefer receiving a large sum of money upfront.
  • Tailored Lifetime Mortgage: Customized to meet specific financial needs and lifestyle choices.

Using Equity Release Calculators to find the more2life interest rates

Various online tools can help you understand how much equity you can release and the potential benefits of different products.

Equity Release Calculator: This tool helps estimate the maximum loan amount based on the value of your home and your age.

  • Inheritance Protection Calculator: Ensures a portion of your property’s value can be passed on to your loved ones.
  • Partial Payment Calculator: Helps you understand how partial repayments can affect your loan balance over time.

Competitive Interest Rates from the best equity release plans

More2Life offers some of the most competitive interest rates in the equity release market. Here is a comparison of rates from five different providers:

LenderInterest Rate
Lender 16.12%
Lender 26.45%
Lender 36.78%
Lender 47.00%
Lender 57.41%

Benefits of More2Life Equity Release – What are the best deals on equity release?

More2Life provides various benefits that make their equity release products attractive to homeowners.

Financial Flexibility: Their products are designed to provide financial flexibility, allowing homeowners to manage their finances according to their needs.

  • Competitive Rates: Enjoy lower interest rates compared to other providers.
  • Flexible Products: Options include partial repayments, regular repayments, and drawdown facilities.
  • Inheritance Protection: Safeguard a portion of your property value for your loved ones.

How to Choose the Best Equity Release Deal – equity release best rates

Selecting the best equity release deal requires careful consideration of various factors, including interest rates, loan to values, and lender’s criteria.

Factors to Consider for the best deals for equity release:

  • Loan Amount: Determine the maximum loan you can obtain based on your property’s value.
  • Interest Rates: Compare competitive interest rates from different lenders.
  • Administration Time: Consider the time required to process your application and release the funds.

Customer more 2 life Reviews and Awards

More2Life has received numerous awards for their innovative products and excellent customer service. Online reviews highlight the company’s commitment to providing high-quality financial solutions tailored to individual needs.

Customer Satisfaction: Many customers appreciate the flexibility and competitive rates offered by More2Life.

  • Online Reviews: Positive feedback from customers reflects the effectiveness and reliability of their products.
  • Numerous Awards: Recognition in the industry for their outstanding equity release solutions.

Additional Considerations for the Best Equity Release Interest Rates

More2Life also provides solutions for specific needs, such as managing health conditions or moving into long-term care.

Health Conditions: Products that cater to customers with medical conditions or lifestyle issues.

  • Long Term Care: Solutions for those planning to move into long-term care.
  • Home Improvements: Release cash to fund home improvements and enhance your living space.
  • Channel Islands: Products available for properties located in the Channel Islands.

Exploring More 2 Life equity release products and understanding the benefits of the best equity release deals can provide financial flexibility and peace of mind. By comparing different options and interest rates, you can find the best product to suit your needs and secure a stable financial future. “`