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No Broker Fees – Direct Lender! – Poor Credit Secured Loans – Updated For 2024

no broker fee loans
Typical family home

If you require a loan of a more substantial amount, typically £10,000 plus, the cheapest way to get it is with a secured loan.  These no broker fee loans are available to qualifying homeowners with an existing mortgage.

This webpage is leased to our direct lender.  There are no broker fees at all to pay, just a £195 valuation fee for most standard properties.  Loan to value ratios is up to 90%.  Many types of less-than-perfect credit issues can be tolerated, especially if the loan is going to be used for debt consolidation.

The form below is part of the lender’s initial fact-finding.

Frequent Finance has a wide panel of lenders way over what is offered by the popular comparison search engine websites.

  • 1-25 year term. Can be matched to your remaining mortgage term
  • Initial rates from 2.1% capped at 3.4%
  • LTV (loan to value) up-to 95%
  • Professional, friendly service

Ideal for people:

  • Have an excellent rate on their existing mortgage
  • Have an interest only existing mortgage
  • Have an existing mortgage with a redemption penalty
  • No early repayment charges
  • Have an existing mortgage still in a fixed or discounted rate

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Secured Loan Against House 2024 – no broker loans poor credit cheapest secured loans

A house is a very illiquid asset compared with say £100,000 of HSBC bank shares.  99.99% of the time big-cap shares are very quick to sell at a good price.  A house is a very illiquid asset but is still excellent quality collateral for a loan. A secured loan against a house can be a very low rate.

UK no broker fee loans with great loan rates – what’s your borrowing rate – loan no broker?

From many lenders, the broker gets a small commission, so it’s often unnecessary for a broker not to need to add on a fee, so no broker fee loans are not impossible.  If you are looking to improve your home secured loans for a loft conversion can be a low-cost solution.

no broker fee loans

Lenders expectation for no broker bad credit loans and direct lender secured loans

Commercial property similar to the one below may not be suitable security for bad credit loans no broker.

loans no broker
no broker loans poor credit

Bad credit secured loans direct lender – suitable home for collateral

no broker loans

Homeowner loans direct lenders in January 2024

As some lenders exit the marketplace after the summer, some overseas-based funding has replaced the products missing. There are still some cheap secured loans around.

secured loan brokers

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Loans no broker discussion – homeowner loans direct lender

Many people want no broker loans poor credit because they can’t afford to pay a parasitic broker.  There is a massive demand for a secured loan direct lender with no fees.  Getting good repayment terms will help you pay off your store cards, personal loans and other larger amounts of money at lower interest rates.

No Broker fees?

Bad credit secured loans FAQs

How important is my credit score?

When you get a secured loan with bad credit, the lender fees and broker fees will be higher if you have a poor credit rating.  But the most important thing is when you compare secured homeowner loans is the affordability you can prove on the loan application.

What interest rates can I expect?

The interest rate will likely be a bit higher than an unsecured loan for 2nd charge mortgages as these loan products can be a high cost to set up.

Can I use the homeowner loan to pay off my credit cards?

Yes, this is very common to pay down credit cards.

When you apply for a second charge personal loan are the monthly repayments always affordable?

Yes, the lender and the loan broker will want to make sure the representative example and the lender’s standard variable rate are affordable.

Is home improvements a good reason for taking out a secured loan or 2nd charge mortgage if I have a poor credit history?

Yes, maintaining your home is very important.

Is there a rule of thumb for the best secured borrowing options when doing a loan comparison?

A credit broker will help you work out the repayment periods for what you want to borrow and work out the lowest repayment plan.

Does Frequent Finance offer secured loans not available on the comparison sites?

Yes, we also offer unsecured loans and a new lender for a guarantor loan.

When you apply for a secured loan can you get a loan without a lender fee?

Yes, but you should think carefully before securing a large loan amount on your house.

What if I lie on the application form when I take out a secured loan due to my credit problems?

It’s likely not only will you be declined but you might have fraud warnings put in your credit record.  This could make you unable to borrow any money at all in the future, regardless of the value of your home and if you keep up repayments.

Could a lifetime mortgage be a better deal for me?

Depending on your age and the size of the debts against your home an equity release plan could be a good option for you.

What if I think the Bank of England base rate is going to go up?

You should not just look at the overall cost and application fees, the type of loan you should consider is a fixed-rate loan provider especially if you borrow larger sums.

How much can I borrow in 2024 with a secured loan broker?

This is worked out based on the following, your credit report, your personal income and the amount of equity in your home.  I lower interest payment with many loan lenders will be lower if your total loan to value is lower than 70%.

How important are people’s credit scores?

For prime loan deals at a lower rate having less than perfect credit is a big problem, but for second-charge mortgages where you pay back the loan secured over a longer period like 25 years, your short-term credit score is less important.

Is there a set amount of loan fees if you pay your loan early?

Some lenders penalise you if you repay the loan early, and unfortunately, sometimes these are the best deal loans if you keep them long term.

If I make regular payments when will my bad credit turn into good credit?

If you have a recent CCJ (county court judgement) or default it could take as long as 6 years for them to disappear.

Are you looking for loans for 25k ideal for larger amounts of money?

The key features of a personal loan 25000 are the servicing of existing credit card debt, the impact of defaults, the 3rd party valuation of the property pledged as collateral and the evidence of a fraudulent application.

Are you able to borrow for second mortgage rates at a fixed or variable interest rate?

The key characteristics of a second mortgage interest only are early repayment charges, the impact of credit defaults, the disappointing home valuation and the evidence of gambling on bank statements.

Are you able to get loans with fixed rates even with bad credit?

The key features of a fixed-rate 2nd mortgage are the limited lump sum amounts, the effect of mortgage arrears, the delays in the property valuation and the borrower not being on the electoral register.

Are you considering an application for a second mortgage with no phone call with no early repayment fees?

The main characteristics of no-phone call loans are the limited lump sum amounts, the effect of credit defaults, the discounted home valuation and the borrower not being on the electoral register.

Considering a bad credit homeowner loan UK at a low interest rate?

The key issues with a homeowner loan for bad credit are the score from the credit check, the effect of CCJs, the discounted property valuation and the evidence of a fraudulent application.

Are you considering a secured loan bad credit UK at just over the bank base rate?

The main issues with a secured loan for bad credit are the servicing of existing credit card debt, the impact of credit card payment arrears, the disappointing home valuation and the evidence of payday loans on bank statements.

Why does the lender need to know so much about my personal circumstances – what about my credit card?

Lenders may want to know about your spending habits to decide if a debt secured on your home or other loan product is the right thing to do for both parties.

Could it be a problem with missed repayments on a mortgage?

Getting a secured loan and securing other debts on your home will be much more difficult if you have missed payments, and you can likely forget the idea you are going to get the best deal.  If have arrears you may have to borrow money from a family member to clear the arrears first.


Can you get turned down for a secured loan?

Yes, usually on affordability grounds or too much very adverse credit history. Sometimes the valuations can come in too low so the loan to value is too high.

What loans are secured loans?

A secured loan bad credit direct lender is a loan secured on your home. The lender takes a charge on your property so if you default on the loan can be at least partially repaid from the proceeds of the sale of your home.

Is OPLO a direct lender?

Yes, Oplo is a direct lender.

Can you get a secured loan with bad credit?

Yes, many people with a very poor credit history get approved for a secured 2nd charge loan every day.

Is a secured loan right for me?

It could be yes, especially if you pay off other high cost credit, or you need to release equity without remortgaging.

Why might I need a bad credit secured loan?

You may want to consolidate your debts, or maybe raise money to buy another property.

Is a bad credit homeowner loan the same as a bad credit secured loan?

Yes, for both descriptions you need to have a home you can sign away to a lender as security.

Are secured loans easier to get?

Yes, they can be as the lender is offered more security in the event you default.

How do I qualify for a secured loan?

You will need a home valuation, proof of your income, your bank statements and maybe proof of your employment or accounts. Direct lender secured loans can help you save money.

Options for secured loans direct lender in January 2024

As people have fallen into arrears in the cost of living crisis with credit cards and utility bills, the demand for secured loans direct lender has increased significantly. A secured loan bad credit direct lender is still willing to lend to people with good income that can service their loan.

Frequent Finance has 4 secured loans direct lenders suitable for people looking for loans against house – the cheapest secured loans.

Increased demand for no fee loans for bad credit no brokers in 2024

Some brokers have gotten in trouble with offering the cheapest secured loan when their fees were way too high, more people are searching for no fee loans for bad credit no brokers, as they want secured loans for bad credit direct lenders.