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Semi Commercial Mortgage Brokers – Updated January 2024

Part commercial Part residential mortgages

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Semi Commercial Mortgages are for people who want to buy a property that has both residential and commercial parts.  Frequent Finance has many mixed-use mortgage lenders.  We also offer short term financing for developers who would like to change buildings use from commercial to residential.

Examples include:

  • Flats with shops above
  • Pubs with residential property included
  • Guesthouses with owners accommodation
  • Holiday Parks with owners residential accommodation
  • Residential House with industrial units
  • Kennels and cattery with residential accommodation
  • Many small farms

Specialist lenders that Frequent Finance have agreements with understand the risks in lending against such properties and can offer terms and rates that are much better for the borrower than those offered with traditional commercial mortgages

  • Up to 75% loan to value – more with additional security
  • Fixed, discounted and variable rates are available
  • Leasehold or freehold properties
  • Rates from 3 month LIBOR plus 3.5%
  • Term up to 30 years
  • No early repayment charges
  • Available to individuals and limited companies
  • Purchase or Remortgage

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Mixed-use mortgage lenders are looking at the income from the commercial property, and the rental income or personal income of the people that will be living in the residential part of the property.

We also offer finance to people who want to own their properties in SPVs like UK Limited Companies.

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Are you considering a 25k loan with a longer repayment term?

The key features of a 25,000 personal loan are inflexible eligibility criteria, the impact of CCJs, the 3rd party valuation of the property pledged as collateral and the evidence of payday loans on bank statements.

Are you considering second-charge mortgage rates without a second charge?

The main characteristics of second mortgage rates are adverse credit intolerance, the effect of defaults, disappointing home valuation and the borrower not on the electoral register.

Are you able to get a fixed-interest rate loan with low-interest payments? semi commercial mortgage rates?

The key characteristics of a fixed-rate homeowner loan are the servicing of existing credit card debt, the impact of credit defaults, the disappointing property valuation and insufficient personal income.

Considering a homeowner loan no phone calls with a fixed rate?

The key characteristics of a no-phone call secured loan are early repayment charges, the effect of loan arrears, the discounted home valuation and insufficient personal income.

Considering fast homeowner-secured loans bad credit with no early repayment charges?

The main features of homeowner loans for poor credit are intolerant eligibility criteria, the impact of loan arrears, the 3rd party valuation of the property pledged as collateral and the evidence of gambling on bank statements.

Are you looking for secured loans for bad credit UK to pay for a new car?

The key characteristics of secured loans for bad credit are intolerant eligibility criteria, the effect of mortgage arrears, the delays in the property valuation and the evidence of gambling on bank statements.

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What is a semi commercial property?

It is a property title that has both commercial and residential property.

How do mortgages work on commercial property?

You are generally stopped from borrowing more than about 70% of the property’s valuation. The lender will need to see proof that the business can support the loan.

What is the meaning of a commercial mortgage?

It is a loan secured on a commercial property.

Can you get a commercial mortgage on land?

With some specialised lenders yes.

What are semi-commercial mortgages?

They are loans secured on semi commercial property titles. Some semi-commercial mortgage rates can be nearly as good as buy-to-let mortgage rates.

What properties are classed as semi-commercial?

Properties that have a business rates bill as one part and a council tax bill for another part. Residential accommodation and commercial premises.

Can I Get a Commercial Mortgage on a UK Residential Property?

Generally, no. It’s not possible to use a business property mortgage to buy a house, flat or any other type of residential property.

Can You Get a Mortgage on a Mixed-Use Basis?

Yes, you can, using a specialist lender from Frequent Finance.

What are semi commercial mortgages?

They are mortgage loans secured on a mixed title property.

What lenders provide semi commercial mortgages?

Some lenders include HSBC, Natwest, Barclays Bank and TSB.