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Which? Money Lifetime Mortgage Offers – 2.71% MER – Updated August 2024

retirement interest only mortgages
  • Remove tax-free cash from your property with Which? Money Lifetime Mortgage
  • No regular monthly payments unless you prefer to make interest-only payments
  • No early repayment charges
  • No lenders fees
  • Use the money to pay off credit cards and loans
  • Do you still have a mortgage? We can help with that
  • Continue to live in your own house

How much money can I get in 2024?

You can achieve 60% of your property’s value. For example, if your home is valued at £260,000, you can get £156,000.

  • Your Requirements

  • About You

No product fee
Homeowner in their 70s

It’s usual to discover people searching for monthly payment lifetime mortgages, home reversion schemes or home reversion plans. However, Bower, like AA equity release, is keen to see paperwork in the form of bank statements to show your situation.

Does Which? Money offer Pensioner Mortgages?

Yes, Which? Money Pensioner Mortgages are 2.19% APR.

Equity Release LTV

Which? Money Lifetime Mortgage

The older you are and the sicker you are, the more tax-free cash you can release

Equity Release UK Lenders

  • Legal and General
  • Stonehaven Mortgage
  • Age Concern
  • Pure Retirement
  • AIG Life – Updated For August 2024

What percentage can be released?

  • 60% lifetime mortgage with flexible drawdown cash release Fortify Insurance Solutions
  • 50% loan to value interest-only lifetime mortgages Lifetime Mortgage from L&G
  • 30% loan to value home reversion plans United Trust Bank

The lender will want to know if the property is a semi-detached freehold house or a Leasehold flat with a share of freehold and if the occupier is a Private Tenant.

Does Which? Does the money offer Retirement Mortgages?

Yes, Which? Money Retirement Mortgages are 1.85% APRC.

Are UK Equity Release Lenders similar to Which? Money Lifetime Mortgage

It’s common to encounter people searching for home reversion schemes, lumpsum lifetime mortgages or home reversion schemes. However, Key Solutions, like Fortify Insurance Solutions, is eager to see evidence of your situation in the form of bank statements.

Can you borrow for a loan of 25k with a soft credit check?

The main issues with a 25k loan are the score from the credit check, the effect of defaults, the discounted property valuation and the evidence of payday loans on bank statements.

Are you considering 2nd mortgage rates with a longer repayment period?

The key characteristics of an interest-only second mortgage are set-up costs, the impact of default notices, the discounted home valuation and the evidence of gambling on bank statements.

Can you borrow to get a fixed-rate second mortgage to pay for debt consolidation?

The key issues with fixed-rate secured loans are servicing existing revolving credit, the effect of credit card payment arrears, the discounted property valuation and the evidence of payday loans on bank statements.

Are you considering applying for no-phone call secured loans to pay for a new car?

The main issues with no phone call secured loans are short loan term, the effect of CCJ’s, the disappointing home valuation and the evidence of too many credit applications.

Considering fast homeowner-secured loans bad credit for people with good credit history?

The key characteristics of a homeowner-secured loan bad credit are long loan term, the impact of mortgage arrears, the 3rd party valuation of the property pledged as collateral, and the borrower not being on the electoral register.

Considering fast secured loans for bad credit UK to pay for a new car?

The main issues with secured loans for bad credit direct lenders are the risk of losing your home, the impact of default notices, the disappointing property valuation and the borrower not being on the electoral register.

Does Which Money Offer Equity Release?

Yes, Which? Money Equity Release is 1.89% APR.

  • Bridgewater Equity Release Schemes
  • Canada Life Voluntary Select Gold Flexi
  • Hodge Lifetime Flexible Drawdown Plan
  • Which? Money Lifetime Mortgage
  • More to Life Tailored Choice Plan
  • Lloyds Bank Lifetime Mortgage
  • Barclays Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • More to Life Flexi Choice Voluntary Payment Super Lite
  • More To Life Lifestyle Flexible Option
  • More to Life Tailored Choice Plan
  • Pure Retirement Equity Release Plans
  • Lloyds Bank Equity Release Schemes
  • Saga Equity Release Plans
  • More To Life Lifetime Mortgages
  • Canada Life Interest Select Gold Flexi
  • More to Life Flexi Choice Drawdown Lite Plan
  • Pure Retirement Equity Release
  • Lloyds Bank Lifetime Mortgage
  • Barclays Lifetime Mortgage
  • More to Life Flexi Choice Drawdown Lite Plan
  • More to Life Tailored Choice Plan
  • Stonehaven Equity Release Plan
  • HSBC Lifetime Mortgage
  • NatWest Interest Only Lifetime Mortgage
  • Saga Equity Release Plans

Which Money Does Equity Release Under 55?

Yes, Which? Money Equity Release Under 55 is 1.98% APRC.

Disadvantages of Equity Release Plans

A monthly payment lifetime mortgage can reduce your estate value. Lump-sum lifetime mortgages may impact the ability to claim benefits. You may need to pay an advisor’s fee, and you could be exposed to changes in interest rates with some products.

Benefits of Lifetime Mortgages

Often used to optimise tax planning, interest rates can be attractive. Use the money to keep another family member away from a high loan to value mortgage or pay down your debts, so you have lower monthly outgoings.

Do Which Money Do Lifetime Mortgages?

Yes, Which Money does lifetime mortgages at 2.09% APRC. Which? Money Lifetime Mortgages have a loan to value (ltv) of 60% – Updated For August 2024?

Understanding Equity Release, Lifetime Mortgages, and Retirement Interest Only Mortgages in the UK

In the United Kingdom, as the ageing population grows and homeowners seek to make the most out of their properties, financial products like equity release, lifetime mortgages, and retirement interest-only (RIO) mortgages have become increasingly relevant. These mechanisms offer retirees and ageing homeowners the opportunity to tap into the value of their homes without the need to sell, providing both financial flexibility and the comfort of staying put in their cherished residences. Let’s delve into the intricacies of these financial solutions.

Equity Release: Unlocking Home Value

Equity release refers to a range of products that allow homeowners to access the money tied up in their homes. By doing this, they can get a lump sum or a regular income based on the property’s value while still retaining the right to live in it.


  1. Liquidity Boost: Provides a significant lump sum or regular income.
  2. Tax-Free: The money obtained is typically tax-free.
  3. Residency: Homeowners continue living on their property.


  1. Interest Accrual: Interest can quickly accumulate, especially if no repayments are made.
  2. Inheritance Implications: Might reduce the value of the estate and potential inheritance.

Lifetime Mortgages: A Subset of Equity Release

A lifetime mortgage is a popular type of equity release. Homeowners borrow a proportion of their home’s value, with the interest usually rolled into the loan. This means there are no monthly repayments, and the loan (plus interest) is repaid when the property is sold, usually upon death or moving into long-term care.


  1. No Monthly Repayments: Interest gets rolled up, eliminating monthly financial burdens.
  2. Fixed Interest Rates: Some plans offer fixed interest rates, ensuring predictability.


  1. Compounding Interest: Interest rolls up and compounds, which can grow the debt significantly over time.

Retirement Interest Only Mortgages (RIO)

RIO mortgages, distinct from lifetime mortgages, require homeowners to pay off the interest monthly, ensuring the mortgage amount remains the same. The principal is repaid when the house is sold, often after the homeowner’s death or a move to long-term care.


  1. Stable Debt: Only interest is paid, so the debt doesn’t increase.
  2. Lower Monthly Outgoings: Monthly costs are limited to interest payments.


  1. Regular Monthly Payments: Homeowners need a stable income source to cover the interest.

Retirement Mortgages Halifax

Halifax, a renowned name in the UK banking sector, provides specialised mortgage products for retirees, ensuring they get the financial flexibility they require. Their offerings are tailored to meet the varied needs of an ageing demographic. Explore further on Halifax mortgage for over 70s.

Nationwide Rio Mortgage Rates

Nationwide Building Society offers competitive rates for their RIO mortgages, making them a preferred choice for many. Detailed information and comparisons can assist in making an informed decision. Dive deeper with the best lifetime mortgage rates.

Mortgages For those over 70

There’s a common misconception that obtaining a mortgage post-retirement is challenging. However, many institutions cater specifically to this age group. Interested individuals can gather more insights into mortgage for over 70s.

Nationwide Rio Mortgage

Understanding the specifics of a RIO mortgage from Nationwide can greatly benefit potential borrowers. For specifics on rates and terms, consult nationwide Rio mortgage rates.

Nationwide Lifetime Mortgage Calculator

For those considering a lifetime mortgage with Nationwide, tools are available to help you gauge potential interest and repayment amounts. Information about equity release and calculation tools can be accessed at Nationwide Release Equity.

Natwest Lifetime Mortgage Over 75

Natwest caters to the financial needs of older homeowners with products specifically tailored for those aged 65 and above. Their lifetime mortgages and equity release options can be explored in detail at NatWest equity release over 65.

Making an Informed Choice

With various options available, homeowners must research thoroughly. Engaging with a financial advisor can offer clarity, ensuring homeowners make decisions that align with their financial goals and living requirements.

By understanding each mortgage type’s features, advantages, and potential challenges, homeowners can secure their financial future and enjoy their retirement years with peace of mind.